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What is it?

STUDYPASS is an innovative online service that allows you to verify the authenticity of your invitation to study in Ukraine. This service also provides additional information necessary for a foreign student during their trip to Ukraine, as well as studying.

How does it work?

STUDYPASS is a platform for storing documents that is based on blockchain technology.
Blockchain is a distributed ledger protected from changes by cryptographic means.
Blockchain is built using special blocks of information in a way that when one of them is modified, the change is immediately detected because the block linked to it remains without changes which contradicts the rules of blockchain structure.

Student activity is becoming more global and mobile, which is why students who are coming to study abroad should have the ability to get the information they need whenever and wherever.
STUDYPASS was created using blockchain technology and powerful cryptography. This platform has all the necessary infrastructure that stores data and provides informational support to students who are coming to study in Ukraine. This system allows students to receive timely and high-quality informational services, while at the same time guaranteeing that the person received the official invitation to study.


  • STUDYPASS reliably protects students from fake invitations to study;
  • By having STUDYPASS, the student doesn’t have to depend on the paper copy of the invitation to study, which can potentially be damaged or lost;
  • STUDYPASS can give you access to your invitation data anytime and anywhere;
  • STUDYPASS provides additional information that can be useful to a foreign student during their travel and stay in Ukraine; embassy addresses and phone numbers, university addresses and contact details, etc.

Use the QR code

Use the QR code printed on your invitation to instantly access your account with your mobile device. All you need is any application for scanning QR codes.

Find your invitation with StudyPass

  1. Enter the registration number of your invitation to study.
  2. Enter your date of birth.
  3. STUDYPASS will find your invitation and verify its authenticity.
  4. If your invitation is found, you will gain access to your user account.
  5. Gain access to your invitation anywhere, anytime! Receive useful information that will make your trip and studying in Ukraine more comfortable and productive!